QR Codes for Influencers

 Everything you need to know to increase your audience with Flowcode QR Codes

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5 ways to use QR Codes to promote your brand

01 No website? No problem.

Organizes all your links in one mobile-first landing page called Flowpage

Link to your latest video, blog, partnership, audience discounts, podcasts, or any other digital destination. 

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02 Cross-promote your channels. 

Your YouTube channel is huge, but other accounts need love? No problem! Add a Flowcode to your next video and send viewers to your IG, TikTok, Twitter, or personal pages.

Add your Flowcode to one of our free video templates for a seamless scan experience. 

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03 Stay connected, 24/7

Host a Livestream on IG on weekdays and TikTok on the weekends? No problem. Just update where your code scans and use the same code to directly connect with your viewers. 

Flowcode Pro users have access to a Smart Rules tool to automatically redirect scanners based on day or time.  

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04 Measure engagement

Flowcode gives you all the engagement data for your codes and links. These dashboards allow you to understand which videos, pages, promotions, and links are getting the most attention. 

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05 Match your brand design.

Square, black and white QR Codes don't work well with the carefully designed brand you've created. That's why we made Flowcode! Choose your QR's colors, add a call to action so your audience knows how to engage with it, and even add your logo to the center. 

Upgrade to Flowcode Pro and one of our in-house designers will create a custom code for you based on your personal preferences. 


Try Flowcode Pro for FREE

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  • Unlimited codes that never expire
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How to create a Flowcode QR Code



01 Go to Flowcode.com and sign up for your free trial. 

02 Enter where you want your QR Code to send your audience. 

03 Add your brand colors to your code design. 

04 Download your code.


How do I create a QR Code with Flowcode?  

Click Here and you'll be taken to our QR Code creator. Add a digital destination where you want your code to send scanners, choose your favorite design, and download your code. That's it!

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Where should my QR code send my scanners? 

Anywhere that can be accessed online! Share your pages, partnerships, amazon wishlists, promotions, and social handles! With Flowpage, our mobile link sharing page, you can host all your links in one place so you don't have to choose just one. 

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How do I scan a QR Code? 

There is no app needed to scan a QR Code! Anyone can scan a Flowcode QR Cose using just the camera on their smartphone. Aim your camera at the code and tap the notification banner when it appears. 

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